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Jun 13, 2019

What and who is a Changemaker? Learn from B2B Social Selling expert Tim Hughes ideas and techniques to beat out your competition using what he is now calling SMARKETING - a evolution of Social Selling and blending marketing. He has authored the capstone book on the topic called Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers and he recent book Smarketing: How to achieve Competitive Advantage through Blending Sales and Marketing. 

This indepth interview we talk about approaches, pitfalls and techniques you can use immediately that will set you apart from your competitors and drive results.  Understanding who to target and how to connect with them in this new evolving B2B buyers journey. Tim expertly navigates this topic and gives a top line summary of his best insights to help your business succeed using Social Selling. 

Book on Amazon: Smarketing | Social Selling 

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