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Nov 28, 2023

Stop Sea Floor Strip Mining. Save The High Seas and understand how critical it is to protect the oceans from Deep Sea Mining.

NY Times best-selling author and ocean advocate Susan Casey. We go deep into the abyss talking about lessons from the ocean! Her newest book The underworld is a odyssey of her adventures exploring the depths of our beautiful oceans. đŸ¤¿Susan is so passionate and deeply knowledgeable. I am so envious of her vocabulary and ability to share riveting stories and illuminate spectacular observations about the deep blue sea and it’s inhabitants, while uncovering deeper truths.

So grateful for her help with describing waves in my book and her book blurb on my back cover. Thanks Susan for the support and amazing podcast episode!

 The Groundswell Origins Podcast interviews legends in marketing and business, as well as the influential and the fascinating across industries, to learn about what it takes to create sustainable growth in your bottom line and impact. Each episode is infused with agency-level insights with practical takeaways for small to big businesses.

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