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Dec 7, 2023

Meet Jay Acunzo today’s episode guest talking about how not to market more, but to matter more thru content that resonates with your audience and gets a response and ultimately results.  "The ability to resonate is itself a craft. It's a skill and we ought to be focused on that because that's where our results come from.” - Jay Acunzo


He is a renowned speaker, podcast host of Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo, and the author of Break the Wheel. He is a coach and consultant to increase your impact without increasing your budget. His resonance gets results approach is Jay's incredible talent that will propel anyone who feels stuck in the commodity cage.


 “We have to escape the commodity cage and produce things that resonate deeper.”- Jay


So let's paddle into this episode exploring the real challenges of standing out in a content landscape drowning in mediocrity. Shed light on the prevalence of commodity content and the pitfalls of copycat thinking, acknowledging the ease of generating mediocrity at scale. Drawing from personal experiences at corporate heavyweights like HubSpot and Google. A pragmatic guide for experts aiming to transform into influential storytellers. The core message is clear: consider resonance as both an art and a skill. Encouraging a shift from the obsession with quantity, learn to craft narratives that resonate and make a meaningful impact in a world saturated with generic content.

 The Groundswell Origins Podcast interviews legends in marketing and business, as well as the influential and the fascinating across industries, to learn about what it takes to create sustainable growth in your bottom line and impact. Each episode is infused with agency-level insights with practical takeaways for small to big businesses.

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