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Dec 19, 2020

Domain names. Hardly anyone talks about it in marketing yet it's one of the first and most important addresses to your business. Meet my guest Jacob Malthouse an expert on the topic. He was originally with ICANN as Global partnerships (the organization that oversees all the domain names) 

Over the last 12 years, Jacob was Co-CEO, Co-Founder & Director of .eco Domain names. His unique perspective on why every business should be paying significantly more attention to their domain strategy. 

He conceived and created the ‘.eco’ top-level domain. Innovated a new web architecture to accelerate sustainability; blending eco-certification, the domain name system, and social media platforms.

Negotiated support of >50 nonprofits, including WWF, Greenpeace, UN Environment and the World Conservation Union for .eco bid.

Successful launch in April 2016. Grew sales to 3,700 in 142 countries with an 80% renewal rate, including Patagonia, Tesla, and Google.

In this show, Jacob shares his unique perspective on the little known topic of Domain Name and its importance in marketing and business.

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