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Feb 16, 2021

Ever wonder how you might track word of mouth marketing? Meet Yousuf Bhaijee a growth strategist who might just have the answer for you. 

Word of mouth is critical to growing a successful product.  Despite its importance, word of mouth has always been hard to measure and therefore hard to influence.  I first discovered Yousuf and his brilliance in an article he co-wrote on Reforge called: The Word of Mouth Coefficient 

In this episode we do a deep dive into Word of Mouth and Growth Strategies and his unique approach to tracking, measuring and impacting results. 

Yousuf has worked in some of the most esteemed companies leading growth such as VP Growth @ Eaze / Zynga  Disney / Bain and Reforge.  Currently, he is growth advising and writing and some side projects. 


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