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Feb 23, 2023

A background episode interview by Tyler Chisholm talking about the launch of Scott’s 3 year project a Book called Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business Growth, The new community for Impact Creators called Groundswell | Inner- Circle and the recent launch of Marketer Magazine and Marketer 101. 

In this over 2 hour episode Tyler does a comprehensive background story on what has lead up to these pivotal launches and what is coming in the future.

"Like a gladiator. You go in the ring, you could die. But you go in.
That's an entrepreneur."- Scott A. Martin

The Groundswell Podcast—interviews legends in marketing and business, as well as the influential and the fascinating across industries, to learn about what it takes to create sustainable growth in your bottom line and impact.

Each episode is infused with agency-level insights with practical takeaways for small to big businesses.

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