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Sep 26, 2021

Paddle in. 

Meet Morgan Maassen an award winning photographer and filmmaker from Santa Barbara, California. An aficionado of art, music, fashion, traveling, cloudscapes, and the ocean.

Has created some of the most beautiful and unique images that grace the covers of Surf Magazines and beyond. 

Morgan has been interviewed by Wired, Fstoppers, Impakte, Without Walls, ESPN, Stab Photolyfe, Lomography. He has won the following awards: 2014 Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown Finalist, 2013 Red Bull Illume "Lifestyle" Winner, 2013 Red Bull Illume "Athlete's Choice" Winner, 2013 Monster Children Black & White Finalist & 2010 Follow The Light Grant Recipient.

We talk about surfing, travel, his background and his unique creative process. 


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