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May 28, 2020

Michael Brenner Content Marketing expert, and author of the new book "Mean People Suck" shares how companies can build smarter more profitable businesses with a happy culture void of mean people. Empathy is fast becoming one of fastest growing business imperatives.   

He has been recognized as a top business speaker by Huffington Post and top CMO Influencer by Forbes.

He has Co Authored 2 additional bestselling books "The Content Formula" and "Digital Marketing Growth Hacks". With over 1,000 articles in The Economist, The Guardian, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine he is a true titan of marketing. 

Michael is CEO of Marketing Insider Group www.

The Groundswell Marketing Podcast 

About the Host / Scott A. Martin

I’m Scott and have been a marketer for 25 years across branding, strategy, and advertising, and execution. After working with tons of high-profile national brands, I was tired of businesses without soul and that continued to throw money at advertising without measurable impact on the bottom line. I learned all the behind-the-scenes detailed execution and power of content for building attention and trust with an audience.

In 2016, I launched Groundswell Marketing to support entrepreneurs with strategic marketing: the foundational, forward-thinking, and sustainable parts of their business. I help entrepreneurs to control their marketing spend and predictably grow their business by leveraging high impact unconventional strategies with common sense.

I mentor, teach and help entrepreneurs scale business rapidly, sustainably and exponentially because short term marketing and conventional approaches fail to deliver reliable results.

I call this Groundswell Marketing.

Reach me at

Groundswell Marketing (podcast website)