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Jan 6, 2022

Paddle in. 

In this episode, I interview Lucas Di Grassi about his career in marketing new emerging industries, sustainability, innovation and his career in motorsports. 

He is a well-known world champion Formula E race car driver who is transforming the industry -completely on the leading edge of speed and innovation.

Lucas is one of the most profound experts across so many categories from being a top athlete, speaker, ambassador, inventor, collaborator, world champion, racer car driver, and founder and so much more. 

From São Paulo, Lucas is the most successful Brazilian driver of the decade, collecting victories, titles and international public recognition. He is also the biggest name in the history of the Formula E World Championship, adding a title, two runners-up and two third places, in addition to being the record holder for podiums (32). In 2015 he was named the best endurance driver and also the best Formula E competitor in the world.

"Di Grassi has stood out internationally for his stance in the field of sustainability, using sport and the interest of the industry for this transformation. Currently, the pilot acts as an investor in the innovative Extreme E, Roborace and ESC (Electric Scooter Championship) championships, in addition to Formula E, in which he remains one of the main candidates for the title in all seasons.

In Brazil, he is co-founder of Zero Summit, the first international technology and business event to promote the so-called “zero carbon entrepreneurship”.

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