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May 16, 2020

In this episode I interview branding expert & entrepreneur  Jeremy Miller. He is the founder of a consultancy called  Sticky Branding and the author of Sticky Branding and his just released book: Brand New Name

We discuss How to adapt your business in the new new reality. 

Jeremy's background in Branding and Marketing: 

Jeremy first became interested in branding when he took on the task of rebranding his family’s struggling business. After launching a successful rebrand there, he sold that business and started Sticky Branding, where he now helps other business owners create names for companies, products, or services that resonate with customers and generate long-lasting success.

Now he has taken his experience and broken down the art and science of designing a brand name. I was given an advance copy of his book Brand New Name and we dive into some of the chapters and content. In addition Jeremy shares his strategic insights as we go into the unique challenges and opportunities of this process.


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