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Dec 30, 2021

Paddle In.

In this episode, I get some face shots of stoke talking with backcountry lodge owner and industry innovator Jeff Pensinerio who goes by the handle Bald Is Beautiful. As the owner of Baldface Lodge, and Baldface Vahalla in the B.C. Backcountry he hosts guests to some of the most incredible snowboarding/skiing experiences called Catskiing. 

Jeff has redefined how to be resourceful in business and develop original avenues of revenue and diversify his business in ways still not duplicated by the industry.  We talk about how he has taken his own path and built a reputation for delivering exceptional experiences. 

As the owner of backcountry mecca Baldface Lodge and the snowboarding industry's most sought-after powder business innovator - Jeff Pensiero. Respected as deep as the powder he shares with his guests - he has transformed customer experience and marketing in this space. Across snowboarding, his trailblazing original concepts have captivated top athletes, international media and cool as F brands. He shares what it takes to build the impossible and be the epicentre of powder stoke.


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