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Aug 12, 2022

In this episode, Geoffrey Moore and I discuss the interrelations between human behavior, including biological imperatives, and marketing. The conversation is wide ranging and even at times philosophical, spiced here and there with pithy anecdotes from Moore’s time assisting start-ups with Wildcat Venture Partners. 


This episode was such a honor for me since his work had a massive impact on me personally First with Chasm Theory outlined in his seminal book; Crossing the Chasm and the critical writing of Escape Velocity that shaped my thinking in helping my clients with marketing strategies.  To have the opportunity to talk with him and also talk about concepts in my upcoming book groundswell.  Very grateful this is an episode that was intellectually stimulating and surreal at the same time. 


Geoffrey Moore is a rare intellectual for the 21st century, having extensively researched a broad range of topics for his many published titles. Most recently, Moore has written The Infinite Staircase: What the Universe Tells Us About Life, Ethics, and Mortality, published by Penguin Random House. Moore is also a speaker and advisor for established high-tech enterprises, most recently including Salesforce, Microsoft, Autodesk, F5Networks, Gainsight, Google, and Splunk.


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