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Apr 13, 2023


It’s time to kill demographics. Good and dead. For millennia, we’ve been using demographics to identify each other and to help us figure out in a split decision what to do next. Were you going to harm me or help me? This is how we survived. As society matured, you were organized by your role and your status. If you were a woman, a man, rich or poor.

Demographics dictated your destiny. But how we act now in the modern world vs what it took for us to survive before has evolved and changed. The demographic profiles are overly compartmentalized and no longer relevant. Consumers don’t follow the rules and nobody acts their age anymore. The reality is nobody cares about demographics except marketers. What you THINK drives people to do stuff and what ACTUALLY drives people to do stuff are always 2 different things.

So listen up you marketers, it’s time for a new system to think about and engage people. Paddle in.

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