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Jun 11, 2020

This episode goes deep into the mind of Chris More, one of the top growth strategists in the world. He considers himself a “T-shaped” person (see Medium article), having multiple skill areas with one very deep area.

He’s also an expert in unlocking the potential of your products with scientific, repeatable strategies. We get into his background as he shares insights from his 20 years in experimenting and perfecting processes to create sustainable growth. He details the secret spots of growth and how to develop strategies to generate real growth.

Over the past 10 years, he moved across areas in Mozilla, always with growth and product development as the core of his role and focus. He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in both disciplines, and balances both the art and science of growth hacking. A true innovator, he also shares his unique love for experimenting and building modeling to help predict and anticipate growth activities.


The Groundswell Podcast—interviews legends in marketing and business, as well as the influential and the fascinating across industries, to learn about what it takes to create sustainable growth in your bottom line and impact. Each episode is infused with agency-level insights with practical takeaways for small to big businesses.


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