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Jul 14, 2020

Meet my extraordinary guest Chris Do a design and branding industry legend who founded The Futur helping and teaching creative entrepreneurs how to build their dream business.

Chris has over 24 years in business, sold more than $80 million in the design business, and won every award you can imagine including an Emmy.  He’s not just an award-winning designer and director, but also the CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind, an agency with clients like MLB, Nike, EA, Xbox, Audi, Microsoft, the NFL and more.

In this episode, Chris shares his unique insights into the changing environment and on the intersections of Branding and Marketing. His clear concise storytelling and ability to articulate insights will have you wanting to share this episode with every marketer, entrepreneur, and creative you know.

His vision of impacting over a billion creatives to make money doing what they love without feeling gross (his words) is bold. He speaks to his vision behind the goal and how he intends to disrupt the industry, and how we learn.


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