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Feb 21, 2022

Paddle in.

Today's guest Cherie Cohen talks about content syndication and unique approaches to revenue across multiple media platforms in the fast-changing landscape of the World Surf League. 

It wasn't that long ago that surfing was an individual's sport. The immense apparatus required to take a personal sport and have it internationally recognized and celebrated is akin to how a small rogue wave in the ocean turns into a groundswell that crashes to a beach a thousand miles away.
Cherie Cohen stands at the progenitor of many rogue waves. She is the visionary who directs them, and ensures that they crest and crash on the shore.
She is the Chief Revenue Officer of the World Surf League, the governing body of professional surfing and a multi-channel entertainment platform.
Her experience doesn't end there: she's worked for various sports properties such as The Superbowl, The World Cup, Winter & Summer Olympic Games, College Football Championships, The NBA Finals, The Stanley Cup Finals and more.
In our podcast, we speak about her experience building and retaining an audience on a global scale, and the decisions she needs to make around programming, content, partnerships, and revenue streams.

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